” Gretchen, as I sit and ponder this past week I keep coming back to the bright light that has come into help with this this project.  I am so glad I picked up the phone and contacted you.  Your creative energy makes this project so much fun.  Thank you :)


“I would like to thank you for your good advice and service in supplying blinds for my new home. In spite of doing everything by e-mail, the end result was totally attractive and satisfactory. All the blinds – vertical, horizontal, and roll-up – fit perfectly and work well. I was also pleased to have them delivered directly to my door. Thanks again.”

Jonathan B

“Gretchen was great to work with. Friendly yet professional. She adapted well to our style and yet pulled us in new directions underlining the whole point of having her assist us in the first place. When we encountered a problem with the manufacturer of the material chosen to cover our couches, she went to work on our behalf without hesitation. She was like a bulldog in her determination and persistance and ultimately achieved agreement for full replacement of material plus labour. Thank you Gretchen!”

Heather C

“It is a pleasure to recommend Gretchen Boulanger as a first class Interior Design Consultant to help us select, measure, purchase, and install roller shades in our home on the Sunshine Coast. It was a very successful online venture with her expertise and efficiency making our job relatively simple. We found her pricing very competitive and the delivery service was excellent The installation instructions were easy to follow and the results have not only met our expectations but have impressed our guests as well. Thank you, Gretchen, for showing us we can enhance the look of our home by working online with you!”


“Thank you. And thanks for suggesting it to us. You are obviously very talented and I can see why Glen works with you in helping make these type of suggestions. Thanks Gretchen :)”


“Oh, they look sooooo amazing!!!!! Thank you Gretchen.”

Rudi B

“My experience working with Gretchen has been fantastic. Not only is she punctual and efficient, but she skillfully took our bathrooms from the early 90s into 2011. I am still smiling when I see the change.”

Donna M

“We have worked with Gretchen over the past several years on two large renovation projects including a kitchen, three bathrooms, four bedrooms, a large family room and a den. We have been extremely pleased with the results. We’ve also appreciated Gretchen’s intuitiveness in terms of helping us define the look we are trying to create in our home. She designed custom cabinetry throughout our house that is eye-catching, high quality, and envied by all who visit us. Her attention to detail ensured that all of our rooms have a polished, professional look that include selecting light fixtures to sewing toss cushions. Gretchen’s people-oriented and fun-loving personality made her a delight to work with. After she moved away from our city we were able to continue working with Gretchen through the internet, telephone, courier and postal service. We look forward to working with Gretchen again when we move forward on the final renovations to our home.”

Peter and Diane Zell

“Gretchen focused on our needs and dreams and was able to provide a more complete vision and execution of the desired result. We are delighted with all that she has done for us and love the new look of our home”.

Ray and Yvonne Smith

“The decision to hire Gretchen was the best decision we made during the renovation of our 38 year old home. She has excellent taste in decorating, and ensures that any decisions made were suited uniquely to our tastes.

Jack Thompson, Inland Kenworth/Parker Pacific

“I highly recommend Gretchen for residential and business renovations as well as interior and exterior decorating. The end product was exactly what we were promised”.